We don’t claim it works, we know it works

All of our claims are backed up by test reports and case studies carried out by the world’s leading independent experts. All of our tests have been carried out at UKAS accredited labs, ensuring the most accurate results.

With DuoMax scientific technology we are able to achieve the following results against bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.

Who Tested Reverse nature

We wouldn’t want you to rely on it. We want you have confidence in Reverse Nature. That is why Reverse Nature is tested at some of the most prestigious testing facilities in the world to ensure the most accurate results. All of the testing facilities are UKAS ACCREDITED , adding extra validity to the statements we make.

The importance of high integrity testing is a somewhat underestimated important when it comes to cleaning and disinfectant products. That is why we took Reverse Nature to:

Christina Bradley - AIBMS

Manager, Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, University Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.

  • Globally recognised
  • Experienced through qualification, achievement and practical
  • Renowned throughout the NHS
  • Respected author; Ayliffe’s Control of Healthcare-Associated Infection Fifth Edition (Core: Infection control practitioners physicians and nurses primarily). Supplementary: All hospital departments, health service managers with a responsibility for infection control

Dr Chris Woodall - BSc (Hons) PhD (Soton)

Manager, Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, University Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham, UK CEO at BluTest Laboratories Limited, Hospital & Health Care industry.

  • Development of standards to support efficacy of biocidal and antiseptic agents
  • Member of BSI CH 216 (London) & Committee European de Normalisation TC 216 WG2 (London), TC 216 Virus Task Group (Rome)
  • Convenor of TC 216 Sporicidal Task Group (Paris/Berlin/London)
  • Participation in ring trials for the OECD to develop international standards for biocides and antiseptics
  • Specialises in Virology, biocides, antimicrobial agents, including antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antimycobacterial, hygiene, hospital trials, product development programs, environmental monitoring, consultancy, standard (EN, ASTM, AOAC, OECD) and bespoke assays.